Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

A little late, but it's finals week! So I've been busy, busy! I woke up Sunday morning to my dad giving me a rose. He's so cute! Each year since I was young my dad would give my sister and I a rose, so Valentine's Day has never been a holiday that I've absolutely hated. It was Christian and I's first Valentine's Day! So I got up and started baking some sweets for my sweet Christian! I made him some brownie bite cupcakes and some heart shaped cookies Super yummy if I do say so myself. So that took up most of my morning. After that I relaxed for a bit and caught up on The Mentalist, if you like crime scene shows, you should definitely check it out, it has a quirky twist to it! Anyway, after that I started to get ready for dinner at Bottega Louie in Downtown, LA. I've been wanting to check this restaurant for some time now, so I was super excited when Christian told me that he had made reservations there! I finished getting ready and then I got all of Christian's little presents ready. I've been a little strapped for cash lately so I did not go all out like I would have liked to. I got him a nice shirt and a pair of shoes he's been wanting and a card of course! I also got him a bag of his favorite candy, which are Swedish Fish! And I framed a picture of us for him. :]

So I headed over to Christian's place around 5:30 since our reservations where at 7:30 so we could enjoy some champagne and exchange our presents. Christian had given me one of my presents the night before ,because he couldn't wait, which was a box of assorted chocolate truffles, yum! He is so sweet and thoughtful! He made me a card and a mix cd! He also bought me some beautiful roses and a gift certificate to the salon I go to. He listens so well! Not too long ago I mentioned, not on purpose ;], that I really needed to get my hair done, but the salon I go to is really pricey...and since my hours have been getting cut at work, I haven't had the funds to go. I'm really picky with who touches my hair since I have curly hair and I've had some horrible things happen to it when I've spent less on my hair. So it really is nice of him to do that because it's not cheap there. After that, we had some champagne and took pictures of ourselves all done up!

Then we headed off to the restaurant. When we got there we were seated right away since we had reservations. Normally they don't take reservations but Christian has a friend that got us one, which was really nice of him! Everything on the menu looked so good! We got the asparagus with fried egg as an appetizer which was super delicious! And for our entrees I got the ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and Christian got the trenne pasta and we both had some wine. It was all very good! For dessert we had some french macaroons, which were my absolute favorite when I was in France. Overall we had a very nice dinner! We then headed back to Christian's house to enjoy the rest of our night and some more wine. I'm so lucky and grateful to have Christian in my life. He makes me so happy! I had an amazing Valentine's Day, and I hope you all did too! What did you guys do?

Here are some pictures, Christian has the pictures from the restaurant so who knows when I'll be getting those,haha:
Outfit! Worn with black suede pumps!
All done up! :]


  1. aaw cute :) and the cupcakes look amazing!

  2. Super cute pictures! I love your outfit!

  3. ms wonderland-thank you! they were really yummy. ^-^
    ashley-thank you! i had no idea what i was going to where until the night before. :]