Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was super excited for the weekend to be here! I haven't done much since I've been so busy with school and I finally had a Friday off so I was happy. I had lunch with my mom and sister, we haven't done that in forever! So it was really great to do that! My friends invited Christian and I to go to HTDJ's that night. It's an event that happens every so often in LA, basically a lot of dancing goes on, fun stuff! I've been to plenty of HTDJ's so why not? I hardly go out, so we figured we would go. It was fun right up until the end. I won't go into much detail but let's just say some boys are rude and disrespectful! I am so happy to have such an amazing man as boyfriend because these boys were such pigs! It was very upsetting.

Saturday was a good day! Had lunch with my family at this yummy Chinese restaurant called Jade Orient. Everything there is so fresh and delicious! After that I had to work 4-cl, which was okayyy. I wasn't feeling too great so I could not wait to clock out! Christian and I had plans to have dinner after I got out of work but since I was feeling nauseous, I didn't want to eat. I hadn't ate since 1 in the afternoon that day so he insisted we go have dinner. We went to Naga Naga, this ramen place in Alhambra. I decided to get the veggie udon and I felt instantly better! I was so scared to eat anything because I felt so gross all day and I had no idea why! The udon was soo good. After that we headed down to his place to watch a movie and cuddle. Overall a very nice Saturday night.

Today I had lunch plans with my friend Tiff! We ended up at this Japanese restaurant by her house and we had some cold soba noodles! Super good. After that, we did a bit of shopping in Old Town Pasadena. I regret it a little now...but what's done is done! I couldn't help it. After shopping I headed home. Once I got home my parents wanted to go out to dinner. They wanted to go to Mako, so of course I said yes! How can I say no to sushi? :]

Now I'm home working on hw! I hope everyone else had a great weekend! I leave you with a few pictures from Friday night:

All ready to go out!
Christian and I.<3

3 of my favorite people in the whole world!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Me in my awesome sweater! ;]

I've been super busy with school. This math class has seriously taken over my life. I'm so ready for these last 3 weeks to be over so that I can go back to me regular routine! Math has never been my strong point. I've always gotten good grades, but when it comes to math...I honestly have no idea how I can be so horrible at it. Class is going okay so far! Having class everyday and having homework due everyday helps since I keep up with it. If I have any questions I can always ask the next day. Other than that things have been great. I'm busy so that's always good. It's never good when I have too much time on my hands. I just never get anything done! I am such a procrastinator. It's been cold and rainy here in SoCal! I love it. I've never been a summer person. I don't like the heat, I hate being hot! I don't mind the sun at all, I just love it more when it's cold and sunny. This past Sunday was just perfect! I took Dexter and Emma out for a walk before I started studying for my math test. Perfect start to the day! I hate how I'm cooped up at work or at home doing hw all the time. Homework doesn't allow me to do much during the day, but I guess that's been fine since it's been rainy, so I rather just stay in and read. Too bad I can't since math is my life now.

I had a long day today. Had class from 10-1, and then I worked 2-cl. I got home not too long ago. I'm relaxing for a bit before I start more hw.

Hope all is well! How's everyone liking the weather on their side of town? :]

Thursday, January 21, 2010

little dexter bug

Dexter says hello! He looks happy here, but he was not been enjoying the thunder storms and hail we've been having here in SoCal.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I know, I promised a real update, but I hope this recent picture of me will do for now. I'm studying for my test on Tuesday...I know, studying on a Saturday night? It must be done! Although, in a bit I will be going over to Christian's house for some much needed down time. I had work in the morning today and after I got out I did a bit of window shopping. I'm trying to save! It's just so hard when you work at a clothing store inside a mall! I'm tempted to buy so many things but then I remember: Valentine's day, Mom's birthday, Dad's birthday and Christian's birthday are all within the next month! I'm doing the best that I can. My aunt is over and is making some pasteles de camaron, sooo good!

How is everyone doing with their new year's goals?

Hope all is well! Back to studying. :[

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i love my friends

We have our ups and downs, that's for sure, but no matter what we're still there for each other. I love how we can live our own, busy lives without resenting one another because we cannot get together and hang out as much as we use to. And once we're together again after not seeing each other for weeks, it's like all that time never passed. This past Sunday was exactly that! I adore these photo booth pics from the Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake. We went for my friend Tiff's 21st! We had so much fun; I love that place. I'll make a proper update soon with more pictures from that night.

Sorry for not updating as much. I started winter intersession this week. Deciding to take a math class in which you learn everything in 6 weeks, rather than 16 weeks was not a good idea! So much hw. On top of that work has been killing me! I have no day off this week. :[

I have the night off of work, so Christian and I are going to get some sushi and watch Youth in Revolt. :]

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh 2009, you did not start out amazing, there was some definite good times, and there was some definite bad times. It wasn't until the middle of the year when you started treating me better. Therefore, I am so ready for this new year!

My goals aren't many, and aren't hard either. One of my goals though is to be completely committed to everything I set out to do. I'm not going to lie, I am a lazy person. I give up too easily on things and make too many excuses. That's going to have to stop. Here are the rest of my goals:
  • I've slacked off on the gym so much the month of December, which can be the most horrible month to slack off on. I feel that I have gained some weight back, but not a lot. So my goal is to go to the gym as much as I can, with no excuses. I know there will be some days that I can't go with me working and going to school, so I won't beat myself up over not going. I'm just going to be realistic and do what I can, and not give up. I'm not going to focus on being a certain weight, I'm just going to focus on feeling good, and fit.
  • Eating better! I've changed my way of eating so much in the past 2 years. My eating habits were bad in high school, but I was thin and very active then so it balanced off. After high school I gained 20 pounds, and when you're 5'2 that does not look flattering. I started eating better and going to the gym, and now I'm about 5 pounds away from being where I was in high school. Although recently, my eating habits have slipped so now I have to get back on track! I will do my best, and once again, not beat myself up over eating something "bad". I don't usually indulge so, that's that.
  • Do better in school! I will be starting a new school at the end of this year, so I have be more committed to doing school work and all that stuff. I tend to be a procrastinator so that needs to completely stop!
  • To be more helpful around the house. It's hard when everyone at home works, and I know my parents are tired, so when they need my help, I need to do it even if I am exhausted.
Small and doable goals! Hope everyone is having a good start to the year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

As Promised!

I ended up working New Years Eve on Thursday, which was okay! It was really slow and I couldn't wait to go home to our party! Every New Years Eve since we moved into this house almost 17 years ago, my parents have thrown a shindig! That's well over half my life; it has become a tradition. All of my family, and family friends come and we all have a good time and celebrate! Same food as Christmas is served, a long with some other additional goodies. I wish I could have taken some pictures of the party, but I could not find any of my battery chargers! I have a lot for a reason; always lose them. Anyway, the night was spent drinking, and dancing! It was so much fun. I love my family very much, they are all so lively and fun. I just wished I could have gotten a new years kiss from my amazing boyfriend! But that was okay seeing as though he came home the very next day!

Christian came back on Friday, New Years Day. I was so excited to see him! I could not wait for him to call me to go pick him up at Union Station in downtown. I spent the day cleaning my room, and getting ready before he got in from Florida. Once he called me, I hopped right into my car and headed to downtown. I was so happy to see him! It felt amazing to hug him, cheesy I know, but I can't help it. After I picked him up, we went to his place to drop off his luggage and for him to relax for a bit. I love cuddling with him, we could have done that the whole time but we were both hungry so we decided to get sushi. I enjoy our little sushi dates so much; we might have over done it that night! We were both starving so we ate quite a bit,haha. After we went to Target to buy me some slippers seeing as though I don't have any at his place for when I stay over. I got these super cute sock monkey slippers, oh my gosh. Christian said that if they had them in his size he would have totally bought a pair as well, and we would be nerding out together. I'm on a mission to find some in his size. We then headed off to Blockbuster to rent a movie. We ended up watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it was good! Neither of us got a chance to watch it when it came out in theater earlier last year. Obviously no movie is better than the book, but I think the Harry Potter movies do a good job of depicting the book.

Saturday I worked 4-cl. I've been feeling like this for a couple of months now, but I cannot stand my job anymore. It is so unorganized and unprofessional. I feel physically and emotionally exhausted after I work, and I never feel excited to go to work. I really don't feel any great connections with my co-workers. I just go about my day at work and do what I have to do. I think it's about time I look for another job, but it's so hard now. I don't even know where to begin! :[

Enough about work. Today was a good day on the other hand! I got up, had some cereal for breakfast and then I got a text from Christian asking me if I wanted to go on on a movie date. I obviously said yes. So I got ready and he came around 1pm. The movie didn't start until 2:30 so we grabbed some lunch at Peach Cafe! We both got the Grilled Chicken Club, super good! We watched Avatar; I really enjoyed it! I think Christian thought I wouldn't like it, but I did. I do enjoy Sci-Fi flicks! He seems to think I don't like them,haha. After that he dropped me off since he had plans with his friend, and I had dinner plans with my parents. Guess where we went? Mako sushi! As always. So I had an amazing dinner, and an overall amazing day with Christian and later with my parents.

That's it for now, I want to get some stuff done before bed! Tomorrow is back to the gym! I will make an update on my New Years Goals! For now I will leave you with an adorable, and I swear not staged, picture of my beagles Dexter and Emma:
I swear, I always see Dexter in this plant pot soaking up some rays, and every time I try to get a picture he gets out to play with me. So I took this through our back sliding door. My dogs are the best. :]

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know, it's been a while since my last post but it has been a very busy couple of weeks! Let me give you guys a "quick "run through. :]

So my semester ended on the 17th! I was sooo relieved. That day Christian and I exchanged our Christmas gifts as well. He got me a new phone! A Blackberry Curve to be exact. I badly needed a new phone since my old phone was falling to pieces. He is so thoughtful. I gave him a pair of Ray Bans and a nice plaid (plaid is his favorite) shirt. He loved his gifts! He also gave me the cutest Christmas card and he wrote me the sweetest thing on the planet! He makes me so amazingly happy. He could have just given me the card and I would have been ecstatic.

So the weekend of the 18th my parents left to Arizona for a business trip. I love my parents to death but when you still live at home some time apart is nice. It came at a good time seeing as though Christian was leaving on the 22nd to Florida for 10 days to spend the holidays with his parents. So we spent pretty much the whole weekend together before he left. It is really too bad that I worked that whole weekend because I didn't get a chance to spend a whole, entire day with him. That weekend was also Kristy's 23rd so we celebrated that at Seven Grand in Dowtown LA!

I was suppose to have the day before he left, which was a Monday, off but my coworker ended up not being able to cover my shift. I was super upset since we were suppose to go to Disneyland; he has never been! So I really wanted us to go during Christmas time and before he left. We were both super bummed that we couldn't go, and the fact that I had to work. I love how she tells me the night before when I had asked her a week in advanced. Oh well. We just ended up grabbing lunch and did some Christmas shopping during the day, then I went very grumpily to work, and after work I went over to his place to say goodbye and cuddle as much as we could before he left. I was sad, but I knew those 10 days would go by fast!

Work kept me very busy that week! So I was super tired. I am so happy for that because it kept me from getting into this little funk I get into when he goes away. So the 23rd was Kristy's actual birthday which meant that Steph, Kristy and I went to Barney's Beanery in Old Town Pasadena to grab some drinks! Much fun was had. I swear the world was full of weridos that night, but we all had a great time at the end of the night!

Christmas Eve and Christmas came and went. We spent Christmas at my aunts house with all my other aunts,uncles and cousins. We had tamales, Pavo con Pan and quesadillas! So good. Salvadorian tamales are different from Mexican tamales, and in my opinion so much yummier,haha. I had an okay Christmas, things start to get less fun as you get older in my family. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I do love my family and as long as we are all together, that is all that matters. The day after Christmas was Margaret's 22nd birthday; she celebrated it at a karaoke bar in Korea Town. She rented out a private room, which allowed all of us who went to let loose. We had fun singing all of our old favorite songs! Anyway, I will leave you all with pictures from said events!

My new phone! And me wearing my Christmas Gnome Pj's!
My handsome boyfriend in his new shirt! :]
Happy 23rd to Kristy!!
Kristy and I.
Happy 22nd to Margaret!
Me and the Birthday girl!
Steph, Vanessa, and Catherine singing it up!
I will make a second update tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone!