Tuesday, February 23, 2010

getting back into the swing of things


So my winter intersession is over and I am so happy! 5 days a week, 3 hours a day of Algebra 2 for 6 weeks was just insane! Math has never been my strong point or one my favorite subjects so it really required me to focus. I had homework due everyday, loads of problems! So I didn't get a chance to do a lot of things. I feel so free now! It feels amazing to get back to my old routine.

I had a good weekend. Friday was my last day of class for winter so after my final I headed to the gym! I hadn't been in a while since, well I was super busy with my class. Before the gym I stopped by my Aunt Yanira's house to check on her puppies. Her dog Lola gave birth to 7 adorable little Maltipoos about 3 weeks ago. Oh my goodness they are just too cute! I practically died when I saw them. I want one so bad but we already have our hands full here at home with Dexter and Emma. After I played with them for a bit I then proceeded to go to the gym. It felt great to be back! I had a good work out and then headed on home to get ready to hang out with Christian. I didn't get to see him all week because I was so busy with hw and studying! It was really nice to see him. We didn't do much, we grabbed some noodles from Noodle World! Yummy stuff. Then we watched Aliens because he really wanted me to see it since I never had, so I indulged him. I enjoyed it so Christian was happy. We had a lovely night in!

Saturday was a good day as well! I worked a mid shift, after that I headed home and rested for a bit before I headed on over to Christian's. We had made plans to go to the Belgian Ale Fest at Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena. I've never been, but I always heard about how good it was. I met more of Christian's friends that night, I was a little nervous. I'm superrrr shy when I first meet people, I'm not the kind of person that can make conversation easily so meeting new people or being around new people is always a little nerve wrecking. In the end everything was fine and it was nice meeting more of his friends! We left Baldwin's around 11 and then went back to Christian's place where we got some pizza with his roommates, who joined us at the fest as well...boys love their pizza and beer! Before that we stopped by the liquor store so his roomie could get something to drink! There was this funny sign in the parking lot. I was tired by then so I went to sleep and soon there after Christian headed to bed as well. A nice finish to a fun night!

Sunday was great! It was really nice to have a whole day off. So I slept in and did nothing for a good while. Then I decided that it was time to go to the gym! After my work out I went home and rested some more before dinner. My family and I decided to go have dinner at Tokyo Lobby down in San Gabriel where we use to live when I was young. We use to go to the this restaurant all the time when I was younger. It's super cute with Japanese lanterns and fake cherry blossom tree all around. I love it! Food is great too, and reasonably priced! My sister's friend Sally joined us as well with her son Calvin. I love him to death! He is the most awesome baby ever. Overall I had a really nice weekend!

This week I started my Spring semester. I'm taking my last class before I transfer out and I am so excited! I'm ready to get out of here! I'm taking Statistics 18 which is stats for behavioral studies. So far I like the class! I might give me some trouble later on but that's okay since this is the only class I'm taking so I can focus solely on that. I'm also taking a spin class and we had our first mini workout today! I'm excited for this class. I love having time again! I hope every one's week is going great so far! Anything new going on? :]

They're soooo cute!!
Yay workout!
It was just too funny at the time.
Calvin is just the best!


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