Sunday, February 7, 2010

another weekend update

I'm so busy with work and school during the week so until this math class is over with (which is in two weeks! :]) the weekends are probably the only time I can make some sort of update. This weather has been horrible for my hair! I have curly hair, so when it rains it gets big! It's fun sometimes but I just wish it could be tame at other times.

Friday was an okay day, my body has just been wanting to get sick. Thursday my body was achy so that was no good. I woke up Friday morning not feeling so great, and I really didn't want to go to class but since I missed class on Thursday because of my doctors appointment, I made myself go, cough and all. After class my mom and my sister met up with me in Old Town Pasadena for some sushi. It was raining super hard, so our plans for doing some shopping were cut short. Plus I was sick and my mom can't do a lot of walking since she had her surgery, so I think that was for the best. After my mom and my sister left. I walked around in search of ideas for Valentine's Day. Probably not a good idea since I was sick and it was raining but at least I think I have it all planned out! :] After that, I had work from 5-cl, blah. My cough got pretty bad at work so it was a good thing I worked in the back since it is a lot warmer back there. After work, I headed home to take it easy and drank some hot tea and went to bed! Nothing too exciting.

Saturday was a nice day over all. I woke up a little early because Christian and I had a pancake breakfast planned! We went down to Leroy's which is a diner near my house, it's super good! I had pancakes and Christian had some belgian waffles, everything was really yummy. After breakfast we headed down to the mall to buy a baby shower present for Vanessa's sister Roxy. She's having a girl and naming her Marly Rose, super cute! I got Marly a cute little dress and a ducky. Hope Roxy liked it! Christian then dropped me off at home since he had plans for the afternoon and then I drove off to the shower. Pretty much everyone that I know was there, it was a huge shower, more of a friend thing. It was so adorable! I felt a little down since I was sick and couldn't enjoy much of the games since they were done outside, and it was freezing! Christian and I had other plans for the rest of the night so I left the shower around 8. It was good seeing all of my friends and I'm glad everyone had a great time, I think I would have been a party pooper if I would have stayed. When I left the shower, I really didn't feel good and when I got to Christian's house, we decided to just lay low. We grabbed some sushi and then cuddled and watched The Breakfast Club at his place. I ended up getting a little worse so Christian made me some hot tea and I took some medicine and I pretty much knocked out. We had a super cute night, even if I was a little under the weather.

So I woke up this morning feeling a little better, but still sick. I felt bad because I feel like I kept Christian up the whole night because of my coughing but he said he didn't hear a thing which made me feel better. We ended up watching Meercat Manner and playing Peggle on Xbox for most of the morning, so much fun! He then made us breakfast and some hot tea which was soo sweet of him! I then had to get ready to go work 1-cl. :[ Christian took care of me the whole time! He is so caring. Work went okay, I felt a little better once I got there but once I left work my cough got a little bad. So then I decided to grab some rice noodle soup with shrimp and veggies for dinner! Soo yummy with Sriracha sauce. So now I am about to do some math hw before I rest and go to bed. :/

Hope everyone is nice and healthy and had a good weekend!


  1. im so very jealous of our curly Q's. I wish had wonderful hair like that!

  2. And I wish I had straight hair! It would be so much easier for me to handle. But thank you. :]