Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know, it's been a while since my last entry. No thing new really other than Christian being off of work for 2 months! So we'll be seeing a lot more of each other now that he has an insane amount of time on his hands. He might have to leave for Philly in April for a month if things don't go as planned with his job. I'm crossing my fingers if that he doesn't have to go, haha... I hate when he goes away! But I know it's something that he has to do so I completely understand. School is going okay, I feel like I have too much time on my hands now. I don't like it much. I'm loving my Spin class though!

Anyway,Have any of you ever felt like you've just grown apart from a close friend? That's the situation that I'm in. I've been here before with her, I've been through my phases where I think, I don't think I want to be your friend anymore. Soon after I'll get over it, but this time I think it's serious. I feel like we're in completely different stages in our lives, and I feel like I'm being ignored for being on a different page. Everything she does now, annoys me and it sounds horrible but it really does, I just think we're different now, I have a different set of priorities than she has. I think she has a lot of maturing and growing up to do, not that I'm so much more "grown up" but I think that's what it is. We'll see how it goes, it might be awkward since we're best friends with the same friends. Hope all is well with you lovely ladies!

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