Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was super excited for the weekend to be here! I haven't done much since I've been so busy with school and I finally had a Friday off so I was happy. I had lunch with my mom and sister, we haven't done that in forever! So it was really great to do that! My friends invited Christian and I to go to HTDJ's that night. It's an event that happens every so often in LA, basically a lot of dancing goes on, fun stuff! I've been to plenty of HTDJ's so why not? I hardly go out, so we figured we would go. It was fun right up until the end. I won't go into much detail but let's just say some boys are rude and disrespectful! I am so happy to have such an amazing man as boyfriend because these boys were such pigs! It was very upsetting.

Saturday was a good day! Had lunch with my family at this yummy Chinese restaurant called Jade Orient. Everything there is so fresh and delicious! After that I had to work 4-cl, which was okayyy. I wasn't feeling too great so I could not wait to clock out! Christian and I had plans to have dinner after I got out of work but since I was feeling nauseous, I didn't want to eat. I hadn't ate since 1 in the afternoon that day so he insisted we go have dinner. We went to Naga Naga, this ramen place in Alhambra. I decided to get the veggie udon and I felt instantly better! I was so scared to eat anything because I felt so gross all day and I had no idea why! The udon was soo good. After that we headed down to his place to watch a movie and cuddle. Overall a very nice Saturday night.

Today I had lunch plans with my friend Tiff! We ended up at this Japanese restaurant by her house and we had some cold soba noodles! Super good. After that, we did a bit of shopping in Old Town Pasadena. I regret it a little now...but what's done is done! I couldn't help it. After shopping I headed home. Once I got home my parents wanted to go out to dinner. They wanted to go to Mako, so of course I said yes! How can I say no to sushi? :]

Now I'm home working on hw! I hope everyone else had a great weekend! I leave you with a few pictures from Friday night:

All ready to go out!
Christian and I.<3

3 of my favorite people in the whole world!