Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know, it's been a while since my last post but it has been a very busy couple of weeks! Let me give you guys a "quick "run through. :]

So my semester ended on the 17th! I was sooo relieved. That day Christian and I exchanged our Christmas gifts as well. He got me a new phone! A Blackberry Curve to be exact. I badly needed a new phone since my old phone was falling to pieces. He is so thoughtful. I gave him a pair of Ray Bans and a nice plaid (plaid is his favorite) shirt. He loved his gifts! He also gave me the cutest Christmas card and he wrote me the sweetest thing on the planet! He makes me so amazingly happy. He could have just given me the card and I would have been ecstatic.

So the weekend of the 18th my parents left to Arizona for a business trip. I love my parents to death but when you still live at home some time apart is nice. It came at a good time seeing as though Christian was leaving on the 22nd to Florida for 10 days to spend the holidays with his parents. So we spent pretty much the whole weekend together before he left. It is really too bad that I worked that whole weekend because I didn't get a chance to spend a whole, entire day with him. That weekend was also Kristy's 23rd so we celebrated that at Seven Grand in Dowtown LA!

I was suppose to have the day before he left, which was a Monday, off but my coworker ended up not being able to cover my shift. I was super upset since we were suppose to go to Disneyland; he has never been! So I really wanted us to go during Christmas time and before he left. We were both super bummed that we couldn't go, and the fact that I had to work. I love how she tells me the night before when I had asked her a week in advanced. Oh well. We just ended up grabbing lunch and did some Christmas shopping during the day, then I went very grumpily to work, and after work I went over to his place to say goodbye and cuddle as much as we could before he left. I was sad, but I knew those 10 days would go by fast!

Work kept me very busy that week! So I was super tired. I am so happy for that because it kept me from getting into this little funk I get into when he goes away. So the 23rd was Kristy's actual birthday which meant that Steph, Kristy and I went to Barney's Beanery in Old Town Pasadena to grab some drinks! Much fun was had. I swear the world was full of weridos that night, but we all had a great time at the end of the night!

Christmas Eve and Christmas came and went. We spent Christmas at my aunts house with all my other aunts,uncles and cousins. We had tamales, Pavo con Pan and quesadillas! So good. Salvadorian tamales are different from Mexican tamales, and in my opinion so much yummier,haha. I had an okay Christmas, things start to get less fun as you get older in my family. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I do love my family and as long as we are all together, that is all that matters. The day after Christmas was Margaret's 22nd birthday; she celebrated it at a karaoke bar in Korea Town. She rented out a private room, which allowed all of us who went to let loose. We had fun singing all of our old favorite songs! Anyway, I will leave you all with pictures from said events!

My new phone! And me wearing my Christmas Gnome Pj's!
My handsome boyfriend in his new shirt! :]
Happy 23rd to Kristy!!
Kristy and I.
Happy 22nd to Margaret!
Me and the Birthday girl!
Steph, Vanessa, and Catherine singing it up!
I will make a second update tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone!


  1. It sounds like a pretty good end of the year! With the exception of the unexpected day of work!

    Karaoke looks like soooo much fun! But I've never been, as I would probably self-combust due to embarrassment!!

  2. You know, I've been to a Karaoke bar before and didn't sing because it was in front of a whole bunch of strangers! But since she rented out a private room, we all let loose and sang!