Monday, December 14, 2009


I've had a bit of a busy week. This week is finals week and I am so tired! Last week started working on my research paper( which I had a little more than a month to work on, I know horrible!) so I hardly got any sleep this weekend! I had work all weekend and it was such crappy shifts. All I wanted to do was finish my paper and show it to my professor the following day so I could turn it in error free on Thursday! So today I finished my paper, drove to school and had my professor go over it. Overall a well written paper! I am so happy I got this out of my way so I can get everything else I need to do done.

We finally finished decorating my house! It looks super cute. I love that my Mom still has ornaments that my sister and I made when we were kids. My favorite ornaments would have to be the ones I brought back from my trip to Europe 3 years ago, Especially the one from Paris but I just found out that one broke so now I'm a little upset,haha.

I finished most of my Christmas shopping! I only have my Dad's gift left and he is so hard to shop for. I never know what to get him. I think I'm going to get him a a nice dress shirt for work. He is always having business meetings so I figure he can never have enough dress shirts! I really hope everyone loves their Christmas presents. I pride myself in being a great gift giver. What I hope even more is that Christian likes his present, he's been nothing but great so he deserves a nice present. I spent a lot on Christmas gifts, which I don't care, but now I am broke so I can't afford to buy presents for my friends. I was thinking of baking them some little Christmas goodies! I think I am. :]

Christian is leaving to Florida next Monday to spend the Holidays with his parents. He won't be back till New Years Day, which makes me sad that I won't be spending these days with him but I completely understand. I know how much he misses his family so it also makes me happy that he will be there having a good time with his family! I will miss him a lot, but it is only 11 days so it's not bad at all. The last time he left for the east coast he was gone for a month! So 11 days is really nothing. I will keep myself very busy while he is gone, that is for sure.

I'm so glad school is almost over. I can't believe I have one full semester left and then I transfer out! PCC has been good to me, and I've changed, and gone through so much during my time there but it really is about time to transfer out. I can't wait to start taking courses that I like at CSULA. I get to take my last winter course at PCC and that is only 6 weeks long! Then I'm taking Statistics and a cycling class for spring semester. I am excited for that, and to finally be on my way to getting my BA.

Hope all is well and that you all have your Christmas shopping done! :]


  1. Your tree looks so pretty! I love the way having Christmas lights in the house makes me feel! It just makes the whole house seem so much warmer and more inviting!

  2. thank you! i know exactly what you mean. every time i walk into the living room i feel all warm. :]