Thursday, December 3, 2009

tuesday and wednesday

I went to bed on Monday night a little upset, it just sucks when you feel a little left out sometimes...I woke up in an okay mood Tuesday morning. Then, I got super upset because I felt like it was all a big joke to certain people when I was genuinely upset that I did not get invited somewhere. I know, maybe I was being a little silly but I felt like a text would have been suffice. I'm over it now, I always get over things. After I stopped being upset, I hit the gym. I got home and I felt a little better, decided to skip class because I did not feel like driving all they way to school to be there for just one hour. We go in later on Tuesdays...

Christian and I had a diner/movie date that night but that ended up not happening. He got out of work a little late, so we decided to have a movie night at his house instead and order Thai. It was a perfect night! Watched a couple of post-apocalyptic films, I have to for my Eng Class, and then watched some Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I love how we can just lay in bed and have the best time ever. I think I like those nights the best, the ones where we just stay in and cuddle and talk. He makes me so happy. So that was my Tuesday!

Wednesday turned out to be a longg day. I got up early and worked out, then I prepared my lunch for work and then I headed off to work 2-cl. It has been sooo slow lately, it's not fun. My shift felt like it took forever to end, and I was just so tired for some reason. I've been feeling insanely tired lately and I have no idea why. Anyway, I got home around ten or so, and relaxed for a bit. Now it's a little past midnight and I really should be finishing this book for my Eng class but I can't find it anywhere in my house. I'm a little nervous since I do have a quiz tomorrow. Hopefully I can do a better job of finding it tomorrow morning. I don't have class til 3:15! Good luck to me.

After an intense work out! My legs and butt are killing me. :>
Showing off my outfit at work!

Have a good Thursday!

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  1. 2 interesting days.

    I think its good to be able to get over being upset. I'm lucky I can get over most of the things that upset me.