Sunday, November 29, 2009

my weekend

Overall I had a really good weekend. Friday, as planned, Christian and I went ice skating in Pasadena, but before that we grabbed sushi at a restaurant called Matsuri that I've always wanted to go to. It was good food! After that we headed down the street to ice skate. It was tons of fun! I don't remember the last time I went ice skating but I do remember being a lot better at it when I was younger. Christian skated circles around me since he use to play hockey when he was younger. I felt bad, I held his hand the whole time because I was so scared of falling. He was a good teacher though, very patient. After a couple of laps I got the hang of it! Later we went to his place and cuddled and had chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and lactose free bryers vanilla ice cream. Totally yummy.

Saturday I worked 10-3 again. I was super tired from the night before since I got home kind of late. I got home around 5ish from work since I did some window shopping. I laid on my couch for a bit to relax, instead I ended up taking an insanely long nap, no bueno! Lately I haven't been getting good sleep, but that's another story. After I woke up from my nap, I had a nice little chat with my best friend Jessica. We ended up grabbing some hot chocolate at Starbucks, I missed her so much! She is such a good friend, and we have such a great understanding with each other. We don't see each other that often since we have different schedules but that's okay. We get it. She's one of those friends that are constant, even if we don't see or talk as much with each other. We're getting matching tattoos soon, excited!

Today I woke up super late! I was so upset at myself, but I just can't sleep lately...I did some cleaning then got ready for work. Work was lame, I'm so happy I worked a short shift today. Christian met up with me at Paseo and we had dinner at La Grande Orange Cafe down the street from my job. Dinner was really great! And the place was super cute. Now I'm relaxing a bit before I get ready for bed. I'm going to read a bit, I know that will help me fall asleep. I want to get up super early to go to the gym and clean some more! I have the day off tomorrow, better be productive.


Our dinner at Matsuri!

All Smiles.

Looking good in those skates. ;]
Getting the hang of it !
My hair looking weird. :]



  1. ahh. I went ice skating this weekend.
    so. much. fun.

  2. yes, it was so much fun! haven't been in foreverrr.