Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I started up a blog again! It is my goal to try and keep this one updated as much as possible.

It's the holiday season and I love it! And because of that I've been in a crazy, baking mood! The most recent thing I baked is the Tiramisu Layer Cake to your right. It was my first time attempting this recipe, and it turned out super yummy! I modified the recipe a bit so I was a little worried at first, but that went away once I got the taste approval of my boyfriend.

Tonight, Christian and I are going to try and attempt to watch Precious in Pasadena. We've been wanting to watch it but each time we try to something comes up! We either get caught up at dinner, or we go the opening night of New Moon...who knew you couldn't watch something other than New Moon that night?! So we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow, my friends and Christian are coming over for a Pre-Thanksgiving potluck. Should be fun! Lots of food and wine!

And then Thursday is Thanksgiving! I'm super excited to eat amazing food, and spend time with my family. I get to make my famous pumpkin bread and green bean casserole. Yumm. I have to work on Black Friday, but it's not too bad! Working 10-3, I got super lucky. Later that day Christian and I are going ice skating, I can't wait!

I'm sooo sore from working out, I love it. Have to work on some hw before class!

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